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What Are Symptoms Of An Enlarged Prostate?

Prostate enlargement is a common condition in older men. Symptoms may include difficulty urinating, frequent urination, pain when urinating, a decrease in sexual function and a feeling of pressure in the bladder.

If left untreated, prostate enlargement can lead to serious health problems, including increased risk of stroke, heart problems, and death. It’s important to see a doctor if you have any of these symptoms to check for an enlarged prostate. Must Buy ProstaStream

The medical term for enlarged prostate is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH causes the prostate gland to grow in size, which may compress the urethra that courses through the center of the prostate.

This can impede the flow of urine from the bladder through the urethra to the outside. It can cause urine to back up in the bladder (urinary retention) and increase the need to urinate frequently during the day and night.

Other common symptoms include a slow flow of urine, the need to urinate urgently, and difficulty starting the urinary stream.

More serious problems include urinary tract infections and complete blockage of the urethra, which may be a medical emergency and can lead to injury of the kidneys.

Let’s See Symptoms Of An Enlarged Prostate Include In Detail:

  • Finding It Difficult To Start Peeing
  • Straining To Pee
  • Having A Weak Flow Of Urine
  • “Stop-Start” Peeing
  • Needing To Pee Urgently And/or Frequently
  • Needing To Get Up Frequently In The Night To Pee
  • Accidentally Leaking Urine (Urinary Incontinence)

Leaking urine can happen when you feel a sudden need to pee and cannot stop some pee leaking out before you get to a toilet. This is called urge incontinence.

Leaking urine can also happen when you strain. For example, when you cough, sneeze or lift a heavy object. This is called stress incontinence.

The most common form of leaking is when a small amount of urine dribbles into your underwear after peeing.

Causes Of Enlarged Prostate

The actual cause of prostate enlargement is unknown. Factors linked to aging and changes in the cells of the testicles may have a role in the growth of the gland, as well as testosterone levels. Men who have had their testicles removed at a young age (for example, as a result of testicular cancer) do not develop BPH.

Also, if the testicles are removed after a man develops BPH, the prostate begins to shrink in size. However, this is not a standard treatment for an enlarged prostate.

Some facts about prostate enlargement:

  • The likelihood of developing enlarged prostate increases with age.
  • BPH is so common that it has been said all men will have an enlarged prostate if they live long enough.
  • A small amount of prostate enlargement is present in many men over age 40. More than 90% of men over age 80 have the condition.
  • No risk factors have been identified, other than having normally-functioning testicles.